Privacy Policy

Privacy Policies

  • You should not spam us.
  • You shold not list an copyrighted app in our marketplace.
  • You should list only the app which got published in appstore.
  • You must list you app only in appstac marketplace.
  • You must not resell the apps source code which has been sold at appstac.
  • You must provide support to the buyer until the buyer understands about managing the app.
  • You must not ask for any extra payments from the buyer for transfer once the app is sold .
  • You must not complete the deal out of appstac.com .
  • You must clearly list all the assets included in the sale (for example , if ou want to sell your app with vector logo and admob account , then you must clearly list it on sale page).
  • You should strictly include your android apps source code on every sale.