Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

  • We charge 20% commission for every sale that occurs through appstac marketplace.
  • You must include source code of every app you are listing in our marketplace.
  • The special upgrades are availible only on paid subscription.
  • You must not create multiple account.
  • We may block your account at anytime for violation of any terms and condition.
  • You can contact us through contact up page at anytime if you have any dispute.
  • If you had sold your app outside appstac or if your app has been removed by google play store , then at that time you must remove the app sale page at appstac.
  • You must not sell or trade your appstac.com account.
  • You must sell only your app , if you want to list or broke other's app please be sure that you atleast have access to that app.
  • If you sell a webview app , at that time you must transfer the domain name , hosting , and all other account's related to that app.